I’d like to think that Natasha Belle looks hot in anything she’s wearing… But I think she looks super hot in her tight blue jeans. All chicks look good in tight jeans. Yummy.

Might not be as hot as that school girl outfit with the white stockings I posted about the other day, but she’s still just as hot here!

natasha belle tight jeans1

And with these tight sexy blue jeans, Natasha Belle can wear this out in public and no one would even notice – I mean, other than she had a great ass!

Looks like Natasha Belle pulled off her tight jeans… And she’s showing off her perky little boobies!

natasha belle tight jeans2

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This is the moment we’ve been waiting for all of our lives… Seeing a hot chick like Natasha Belle naked outside by the pool… The only thing she’s wearing is her high heels!

She’s trying to cover up the good parts, but Natasha Belle cannot hide everything for long!

natasha belle naked outside 2

but she can’t hide her breasts from us for ever… Sooner or later he hand drops down and we get see most of it!

natasha belle naked outside 1 natasha belle naked outside 3 natasha belle naked outside 4 natasha belle naked outside 5

This is exactly how I want to spend a hot summer day – with Natasha Belle naked!

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Women that are a tease are always hot. Natasha Belle tends to be a bit of a tease – I don’t recall seeing her fingering her pussy yet. Not yet, but give it time. In the mean time Natasha Belle can keep teasing us…

I can see her panties. And her perky tits. I get off on how her titties fall on her breasts; I wish I was her hair.

natasha belle panties perky boobs

Now what will it take to get Natasha Belle to take those cute little panties off?

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When a hot chick like Natasha Belle hits the pool to sun bath, she’s not exactly wearing a big jacket. Fuck no – she wants to get naked. You know how chicks like sun bath topless… Natasha Belle might be Russian, but she likes to sun bath topless just like all the rest of them!

Damn, this chick has some perky little titties too!

natasha belle topless by pool

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All men like boobs. (If not, your must like cock!) And yes, Natasha Belle has boobies. Lots of them. Natasha Belle has enough boobs for two or three women…

Of course she likes playing with her boobs too. Why wouldn’t she – Natasha Belle has some beautiful perky boobs!

natasha belle playing with huge boobs

If I was Natasha Belle I would want to play with my boobs too!

And this doesn’t even bring up the fact that Natasha Belle is sitting in front of her laptop in her sexy panties!

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Women like to be romantic; Men love it when chicks dress up for them. There is nothing really much hotter.

Natasha Belle knows exactly which buttons to push here, doesn’t she?

natasha belle1 natasha belle2 natasha belle3 natasha belle4

Natasha Belle looks perfect in those sexy black thigh high stockings….

natasha belle5

You can just tell that Natasha Belle gets all horny when she touches herself and plays with her boobies!

natasha belle6 natasha belle7 natasha belle8 natasha belle9

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Every now and then you get caught up in the beauty of a chick and then suddenly you noticed you’ve been overwelmed – and missed something important. Like the fact that after all is said and done, Natasha Belle has some serious cleavage… And when her breasts are resting gently in a black bustier that shows off her cleavage nicely…. It’s just pure heaven!

natasha-belle sexy-black lingerie bustier cleavage

This black bustier really shows off her sexy cleavage!

Sigh. I love Natasha Belle!

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Natasha Belle knows how to spend a hot summer day… In the pool in her bikini!

Of course she couldn’t wait to flash her boobies for us! And what a great little breast she has…

natasha belle bikini boobie flashing

What are the odds of us talking Natasha Belle into going skinny dipping with us? That would be hot… We just love seeing Natasha Belle naked!

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10 Sep 14

Topless Beer Pong

Now this looks like fun… Everyone knows beer pong, right? Right. Seems Natasha Belle does too.

Want to get a girl naked quickly? Try beer pong… You know a light weight like Natasha Belle isn’t going to last too long…

topless beer pong1

Twenty minutes later… Natasha Belle isn’t only drunk, but also nearly naked!

Nice titties!

topless beer pong2

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Check out Natasha Belle stripping down outside by the pool…. Freaking hot! I guess Natasha Belle just decided to get naked out by the pool for no reason other than to entertain us…

And what a great little tight body Natasha Belle has too… No wonder why Natasha Belle likes to show it off!

natasha belle gets naked1 natasha belle gets naked2 natasha belle gets naked3 natasha belle gets naked4

That’s hot – and such perky boobies!

natasha belle gets naked5

Yes, Natasha Belle sure does have the most perfect mouthful when it comes to perky boobs!

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