Women drive us crazy. All they need to do is throw on a slightly tight pair of blue jeans and some high heels and suddenly we cannot remember how to speak…

Check out Natasha Belle as she shows us how to tease a man and get them eating right out of their hands…. Yeah, you would do anything that Natasha Belle wanted you to do!

natasha belle tight jeans high heels midriff 1

And when Natasha Belle strips off all of her clothes…. And her hair falls on her boobs… Ouch, that’s hard to handle!

natasha belle tight jeans high heels midriff 2

I would never get tired of banging Natasha Belle!

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29 Apr 15

Sexy Pink Bra

Natasha Belle might be in a tub, but that’s not what’s really hot here. Natasha Belle is wearing a bra and matching panties and they are both so skimpy. Her bra is the amazing part; Natasha Belle has beautiful perky breasts and in a small little push up bra it’s super sexy!

You have to admit that’s hot!

natasha belle perky breasts in bra 1 natasha belle perky breasts in bra 2 natasha belle perky breasts in bra 3 natasha belle perky breasts in bra 5

If her body isn’t sexy enough, her face sure is beautiful… I love her sexy pink bra!

natasha belle perky breasts in bra 4

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26 Apr 15

Always Super Sexy

Natasha Belle is just one of those chicks that looks beautiful no matter what. It’s just as if she wakes up in the morning and just looks beautiful from the first moment she opens up her eyes.

All she needs is a pair of panties and she looks great… Her hair falling down around her titties are super hot! I wish her hair was my hands!

natasha belle naked teen babe 2

Eventually Natasha Belle takes of her panties, but this only makes her even more hotter!

natasha belle naked teen babe 1

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I think what I love the most about Natasha Belle is that she is always perky – and always has a smile on her face…. And she can always put a smile on her face too!

Looks like her dress was so tight that her boobies just fell out. Her perky boobies fell out. Too much hotness for me here!

natasha belle titties

If it’s true that more than a mouthful is a waste, I think Natasha Belle has just the right amount of breasts. I know I would never have to go any place else!

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Anyone want to go skinny dipping with Natasha Belle?

natasha belle sexy when skinny dipping

I sure do…

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19 Apr 15

Naked Beer Pong

At some point in time all chicks learn how to play beer pong… Some chicks go to college, others just like to party… Sooner or later they all learn how to play beer pong. And no matter what they suck at it. So Natasha Belle knows the drill and knows she’s going to get naked at some point in time, so why delay it? She might as well just get naked right out of the gate… A few drinks later and Natasha Belle has lost her pants and her shirt is wide open…

Natasha Belle has some perky titties!

sexy beer pong 1 sexy beer pong 3 sexy beer pong 5 sexy beer pong 6

This is her plan… Natasha Belle gets completely naked and… You can’t throw straight to save your life!

sexy beer pong 2

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It doesn’t seem like Natasha Belle is wearing ANY clothes here at all… No panties just a pair of high heels – and that doesn’t really count as clothes. I’ve always wanted to see Natasha Belle naked, so now I can die and go to heaven. Sweet.

And Natasha Belle is super sexy naked!

sexy nataash belle naked1

Now if we could just get Natasha Belle to stand up while she’s naked that would be fucking great – and make our year!

sexy nataash belle naked2 sexy nataash belle naked3 sexy nataash belle naked4 sexy nataash belle naked5

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14 Apr 15

Hot Tub Skinny Dip

Looks like Natasha Belle is having fun in the hot tub again. I think this Russian chick loves the warm weather and the hot tub… And she looks so sexy in it!

She’s got on a little bikini and a little white top… You know that top will be will be completely see through when she gets wet…

super sexy natasha belle1

And you know that Natasha Belle will be getting buck naked shortly!

super sexy natasha belle2 super sexy natasha belle3 super sexy natasha belle4 super sexy natasha belle5

It was only a matter of time before she look off all of her clothes off… This hot Russian chick loves skinny dipping in the hot tub!

super sexy natasha belle6

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Natasha Belle has the most perfect tits. You can’t argue it or debate it; Her tits are perfect. The most prefect little mouthful.

And her ass is perfect too. No way in hell anyone could ever get tired of hitting this tight piece of ass!

natasha belle perky boobs

Why does it always look like Natasha Belle wants to get fucked? I swear I see it in her eyes….

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Ah, the plaid school girl skirt. It’s timeless – every man wants to see their teen girlfriends in a hot little plaid school girl skirt. And white stockings and the high heels… Just makes this all the more hotter.

Seems to me that Natasha Belle pulls off the school girl look nicely!

natasha belle schoolgirl white stockings

In fact, my guess is that she was just in school a year or two ago… It just keeps getting hotter and hotter, doesn’t it?

Natasha Belle is banging hot!

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