Now this is exactly what I want to see every day of my life until my balls fall off or until the cows come home or what not.

This is beautiful.

Natasha Belle buck naked, outside, wearing only high heels and a smile.

nastasha belle naked high heels

That’s sheer perfection right there. The perfect little body, a cute little smile…. This is exactly how I want to spend the rest of my life – Naked with Natasha Belle!

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As if Natasha Belle isn’t the best looking Russian hottie we have seen ever… Every time we see her again she gets hotter and hotter. And those perky little titties – those perfect little breasts are to die for. Imagine sucking on those, just imagine having your lips sucking on those little titties!

natasha belle perky boobs

She’s about to take off her shorts…. And then Natasha Belle will show us all what we want to see the most!

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Put a pair of tight jeans on Natasha Belle and some high heels… And I am on that like a bee on honey.

I love how Natasha Belle is wearing a tight shirt and what MUST be a push up bra; Her tits are up there…. Sky high! And they are beautiful tits too!

sexy nastaha belle tight jeans high heels 2

Then Natasha Belle teases us a little bit… She takes off her clothes, but leaves her panties on… And then covers up her perky boobs with her sexy long dark hair!

sexy nastaha belle tight jeans high heels 1

I know. What you have right now makes morning wood look more like a twig – Natasha Belle is that hot!

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You already know that women are as turned on by titties as much as the rest of us…. Natasha Belle is wearing exactly what I would want her to wear on a day out, high heels, tight jeans, and a tight tank top that shows off her rack nicely. But still, Natasha Belle can’t resist taking a peak down her own shirt to see her boobies…

natasha belle tight jeans high heels cleavage

If you were a chick that’s all you would be doing too!

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14 May 15

Sexy When Naked

Natasha Belle is really stunning with her clothes on… But damn, she’s super hot when she strips down too!

natasha belle naked1

I love seeing her naked, and of course chicks like Natasha Belle loves getting naked… She might like to tease, but Natasha Belle likes to get us off by posing naked for us!

natasha belle naked2 natasha belle naked3 natasha belle naked4 natasha belle naked5

Looks like Natasha Belle is getting naked in the kitchen… Maybe she can make us a sandwich!

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I love women in high heels. Always did, always will. Not sure why – maybe because it makes them stand up straight which in turn makes them stick their breasts out a little bit more than usual. I like perky chicks. I like perky chicks in high heels. Perfect!

Looks like Natasha Bell is ready for some fun…

natasha belle high heels white lace 2

Ever notice that all women like to be on their hands and knees? It’s their natural state. They love it And they love fucking doggie style too.

You can tell Natasha Belle loves it!

natasha belle high heels white lace 1

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Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would fall in love with a Russian teen chick… But Natasha Belle… But her face is just lovely – and well, the rest of her is just to die for. All this time I was ready to die while fighting the Russians, now I just want to bang a Russian into submission. Or maybe I want to bang her into next week.

The boobs, the legs, the pretty smile on her face… It’s just too cute!

natasha belle perky russian teen slut 1 natasha belle perky russian teen slut 3 natasha belle perky russian teen slut 4 natasha belle perky russian teen slut 5

And when Natasha Belle is buck naked… I would pay good money to see that!

natasha belle perky russian teen slut 2

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6 May 15

Hot Tub Hottie

Natasha Belle is in a hot tub… Doesn’t that just give you a ton of ideas?

natasha belle hot tub

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It might be time for us to promote Natasha Belle up to super model status. She sure is hot enough… With her tight little body and her tiny perky tits… That’s fine; Eventually someone will be lucky enough to knock her up, her hips will grow a little wider, her titties a little bigger… And then our Russian hottie Natasha Belle will be perfect….

russian chick natasha belle super model babe

Damn, sometimes I think Natasha Belle is so damn tight!

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Women drive us crazy. All they need to do is throw on a slightly tight pair of blue jeans and some high heels and suddenly we cannot remember how to speak…

Check out Natasha Belle as she shows us how to tease a man and get them eating right out of their hands…. Yeah, you would do anything that Natasha Belle wanted you to do!

natasha belle tight jeans high heels midriff 1

And when Natasha Belle strips off all of her clothes…. And her hair falls on her boobs… Ouch, that’s hard to handle!

natasha belle tight jeans high heels midriff 2

I would never get tired of banging Natasha Belle!

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