Every now and then you come across a group of pictures that is just too fucking hot to handle. These photos of Natasha Belle in a plaid skirt and white stockings is exactly what I am talking about. Natasha Belle is hot on any given day, but in a red plaid skirt and white stockings… That’s fucking hot already.

natasha belle plaid skirt white stockings 8 natasha belle plaid skirt white stockings 1 natasha belle plaid skirt white stockings 2 natasha belle plaid skirt white stockings 3

And wouldn’t you know it, she’s got on a white little thong while blowing a bubble. She’s a school girl all right – a naughty teen school girl!

natasha belle plaid skirt white stockings 6

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You can’t tell me that chicks aren’t turned on by huge boobs as much as we are…. Every time I see a hot chick she’s pretty much fondling her breasts – which is exactly what I would like to do!

Natasha Belle loves her boobies… And she loves playing with them!

nastasha belle playing with her titties

I swear I’ve never seen such a prettier pair of titties!

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29 Aug 15

Tits And Ass

This is the perfect picture of Natasha Belle. It shows off her best assets. Now I understand the saying “Tits And Ass”. Because that’s the best that teen chicks have to offer us!

And clearly Natasha Belle has the best of both worlds!

sexy natasha belle

She’s got some perky little boobies, and a nice tight teen ass! That ass… Is good for spankings and all kinds of things!

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Well now this is just smoking hot. Every time I see Natasha Belle I get excited – she seems hotter and hotter with every new photo shoot… Which is exactly what you want. It’s like a girlfriend that gets hotter every day you are banging her.

In this photo she’s only wearing a pair of panties and perhaps a silly look on her face…

natasha belle perky tits panties

Those are some sweet perky tits Natasha Belle has – the perfect mouthful!

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Don’t you love teen chicks like Natasha Belle who love getting down on their hands and knees in their high heels…

natasha belle hands and knees

That only makes us want her even more!

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Natasha Belle is beautiful on any given day, but when you see Natasha Belle naked it changes everything. She’s just beautiful… And I love her long hair and her perky little titties.

Imagine having those long legs wrapped around your body!

natasha belle naked1

Then when she leans back… Damn, every man in their right man would want to fuck Natasha Bella!

natasha belle naked2

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We love Natasha Belle for so many different reasons. She’s cute, perky, has a great little rack. I never thought I’d say I want to bang a Russian chick, but yet here I am, wishing I was a communist. (Do they even do that any more? Does it even matter?)

I would so do Natasha Belle in a heartbeat… She’s so cute, so perky, and just loves getting naked…

natasha belle naked1 natasha belle naked2 natasha belle naked3 natasha belle naked4

And when Natasha Belle strips off all of her clothes… I only want her more. She’s just beautiful!

natasha belle naked5

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Just when I thought Natasha Belle couldn’t get any fucking cuter or hotter…. Then we have Natasha Belle in this sexy white dress… Fucking smoking hot!

But then I start to wonder… Does Natasha Bell have any panties on?

natasha belle sexy white dress 1

The more she strips out of this dress the more I want to know…

natasha belle sexy white dress 2

I mean, I love seeing Natasha Belle naked, but I think I also like her in this sexy white dress – it makes her look so grown up!

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It’s funny how it happens. Natasha Belle has a simple little blouse on, nothing special, just another average day for her. But what she hasn’t thought of is how fucking cute she looks… Just a cute little blouse, a little bit of cleavage, maybe a pair of tight jeans… And we have instant wood.

Natasha Belle must know we are undressing her with our eyes, right?

sexy natasha belle panties1

But Natasha Belle likes getting naked, and she couldn’t wait to start peeling off her clothes… She showed us the cute little panties she was wearing, and then Natasha Belle pulled off her panties as well!

sexy natasha belle panties2 sexy natasha belle panties3 sexy natasha belle panties4 sexy natasha belle panties5

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Nastasha Belle is clearly a tease… But I think she gets off on teasing us.

Look at that long hair and the way it falls around her breasts… That’s hot. I wish my hands were her hair on a daily basis.

natasha belle topless perfect titties tease1

Slowly, very slowly, Natasha Belle takes off her clothes… She pulls out those perky little titties in way that only teases us even more… And then when Natasha Belle pulls off her panties… Makes a grown man want to cry huh?

natasha belle topless perfect titties tease2 natasha belle topless perfect titties tease3 natasha belle topless perfect titties tease5 natasha belle topless perfect titties tease6

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