Ah, the plaid school girl skirt. It’s timeless – every man wants to see their teen girlfriends in a hot little plaid school girl skirt. And white stockings and the high heels… Just makes this all the more hotter.

Seems to me that Natasha Belle pulls off the school girl look nicely!

natasha belle schoolgirl white stockings

In fact, my guess is that she was just in school a year or two ago… It just keeps getting hotter and hotter, doesn’t it?

Natasha Belle is banging hot!

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She’s just perfect… No matter what Natasha Belle is wearing I just want to rip her clothes off of her and have my way with her…. So hot!

Look at this outfit – she’s like a sexy Russian leopard! With cleavage!

super sexy russian chick 1

And then when Natasha Belle takes her clothes off… She only gets hotter!

super sexy russian chick 2

Don’t you wish your girlfriend looks like Natasha Belle and dresses like this?

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I never really thought much of Russian women until I met Natasha Belle. She’s stunning. And she’s made me change my mind about Russian women…. Smoking hot!

And Natasha Belle looks super sexy in her black lingerie….

super sexy russian chick natasha belle 4

Just like all other chicks, Natasha Belle can’t wait to get naked. Thankfully for us Natasha Belle has a beautiful body!

super sexy russian chick natasha belle 5 super sexy russian chick natasha belle 6 super sexy russian chick natasha belle 3 super sexy russian chick natasha belle 2

I want to mount Natasha Belle doggie and fuck her brains out!

super sexy russian chick natasha belle 1

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21 Nov 15

Topless Outside

As if Natasha Belle isn’t hot enough no any given day… Now she’s topless, outside, in a short little plaid skirt and sexy white stockings. Just the thought of it all makes me hard as a rock!

And you know what they say about chicks willing to get naked outside, right? They are the ones that like to fuck outside…

natasha belle naughty school girl15

Although I’m guessing that Natasha Belle is the horny type and just loves to get off.

The sad part is Natasha Belle is so hot that no one gives her the time of day – thinking she must have a boyfriend! You would have to have some serious game to get her naked!

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The only thing we like more than a hot chick in a bikini is a hot chick taking off her bikini. And this seems to be the case for Natasha Belle here. She’s ready to party like a rock star, and perhaps do some skinny dipping on the hot tub. Or the pool. We don’t care so long as we get to see her naked!

Look at that tight little tiny ass. You know the camera adds like ten pounds; Imagine Natasha Belle in person – she must be super tiny!

natasha belle sexy bikini4

Of course, we just love it when Natasha Belle gets up on her hands and knees like this! That’s hot.

That’s how Natasha Belle likes to be mounted from behind!

natasha belle sexy bikini3

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Looks like Natasha Belle is getting nice and comfy outside…. In someone’s back yard. If she gets naked, does that mean she’s naked in public? Does that count if it’s in the back yard?

Damn, she’s super cute today….

super sexy nathasha belle1

You can just tell Natasha Belle wants to pull her titties out – She’s eager to show off!

super sexy nathasha belle2

And Natasha Belle looks so cute when she’s topless outside!

super sexy nathasha belle3 super sexy nathasha belle4 super sexy nathasha belle5 super sexy nathasha belle6

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Natasha Belle looks cute in her short shorts and her hair in one long sexy braid…. Her blouse is see through just enough and we can see a hint of her bra…

Her legs look super hot in her little short jean skirts…

russian babe natasha belle1

Then again Natasha Belle looks super cute no matter what she’s wearing!

russian babe natasha belle2 russian babe natasha belle3 russian babe natasha belle4 russian babe natasha belle5

Of course the more clothes Natasha Belle takes off the hotter she looks too! We love chicks that get off on getting naked…

russian babe natasha belle6 russian babe natasha belle8 russian babe natasha belle9 russian babe natasha belle10

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Natasha Belle is so damn beautiful that seeing herself naked turns herself on… I can see why. Nothing can turn you on more than Natasha Belle naked!

She’s got one hand on her titties and another hand playing with her pussy… She’s a masturbating hottie for sure!

natasha belle masturbating

Oh what I wouldn’t give to see Natasha Belle naked right about now!

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I don’t care if Natasha Belle is Russian; She would make a great little Russian bride. She can come over to the US, be my wife, fuck my brains out, and then in a few years become a US citizen and go about her way while I set off in search for another hot eighteen year old to bang.

I’m kidding. I’m pretty sure Natasha Belle is US based. She’s hot.

natasha belle hot sexy panties

No matter where she lives Natasha Belle can snap her fingers and have any man she wants!

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It’s always beautiful when teen chicks dress up in sexy lingerie. This is one time when less is better. We all love lingerie; Why don’t chicks like Natasha Belle wear lingerie for us more often? Daily? I watch Mad Men; I know what it used to be like many years ago. We need to bring that back.

In the mean time, we just have Natasha Belle to admire… She cuts a super sexy figure in her sexy lace panties and matching bra, and her black stockings…

natasha belle lingerie black stockings1

Even after Natasha Belle takes off her panties… She’s twice as beautiful. What a great ass she has! The stockings are super hot too!

natasha belle lingerie black stockings2

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